Human Connectedness Project

This recording is on an iPhone 6s using the Voice Memos Ap taken on my commute Friday morning 5/26/2017 then uploaded to Google Drive. The recordings are un-edited and give you an audio sense of what it would be like to listen to various interactions.

Initially I started playing guitar as a “pleasurable activity” to counteract depression via behavioral therapy advice:

1) Self-help books can be excellent resources for helping with stress and depression. Here are two:
>Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy, by David D. Burns, MD (2008)
Available in most bookstores or online. Great resource for understanding depression and making changes to your thoughts and behaviors on your own.
>Uncovering Happiness: Overcoming Depression with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion , by Elisha Goldstein, PhD (2015)
Available in bookstores or online. Teaches mindfulness and self-compassion techniques to help recover from depression.

2) Complete two online personalized programs to manage your symptoms, called “HealthMedia Overcoming Depression” and “HealthMedia Relax”, on KP website
Personalized program instructions:
>Go to
>Select “Health and Wellness” tab
>Select Live Healthy tab
>Select “free online programs” on the right column
>Select “depression” and “reducing stress” for programs

3) Also look into the audio podcasts on the KP website
Audio podcast instructions:
>Go to or click here KP Podcasts
>Select “Audio Podcasts” tab
>Listen/download the guided imageries on stress, relaxation, sleep, etc!

UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center

4) Remember that exercise is a very useful tool for improving mood. Increase physical activity to 30-45 minutes a day. If possible, exercise with a friend to help you keep up the routine. Research shows that exercising with friends increases the liklihood of maintaining exercise routine.

5) Our Health Education Department offers a variety of helpful classes. One option is to start with our Pathways to Emotional Wellbeing class (free, 2 hr class), then selecting more specific classes that reflect your needs. Most of the classes are free with a few exceptions.
Here are some examples of some of the other offerings:
A) Understanding Anxiety Series (free, 6 weekly 2 hr classes)
B) Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction class ($110/8 weeks with one Saturday all day retreat)
C) Mind-Body Medicine for Stress (free, six weekly, two hour classes)
D) Managing Depression Series (free, six weekly, two hour classes)

Health Education Contact numbers:
Oakland (510) 752-7868
Pinole: (510) 243-4020
Richmond: (510) 307-2210

Please follow up at your earliest convenience. These classes are designed to alleviate your stress/intense emotions.

6.) You may further explore your care options by visiting, click on Health and Wellness>Conditions and Diseases>Depression. Track your symptoms with the short self assessment, and click on care options to learn about Wellness Coaching – (866. 251.4514), and more.

Breathing and Relaxation Handouts:

Behavioral Health Consultant
Oakland Medical Office
Fabiola 4B
(510) 752-8259

Don’t have Kaiser or a good local Therapist: TalkSpace

Melancholia: Depression on Film:

Recording Notes 2:35, mentioned the importance of fiber pills which changed my life…

Resources for Gastro Intestinal health:

Handouts from Kaiser Oakland’s head of Gastroenterologist department talking about how your digestion works…

Powerpoint Presentation handout:

1st Interaction 7:45 neighbor does not have time today

2nd Interaction after 12 minutes – Newspaper man who plays harmonica, guitar and the mandolin.

Reminds me of a story from the podcast, “Modern Love” about the relationship between a woman in NYC and her doorman.

(Reached out to Julie Margaret Hogben the author of the article on Facebook Messenger as she mentioned moving to Pasadena with as a single mother. Offered to introduce her to some people in my network in Pasadena, no response.)

16:35 chose the first BART car

3rd Interaction young man texting his dad

4th interaction: 19:19 Climate Scientist whose passion and work are aligned.

We previously met via East Bay Music Together:

Magic Instruments:


Additional music tools:


Logic-Pro X:

Music Podcasts:

Meet the Composer:

Song Exploder:

World Cafe NPR:

Here’s The Thing:

Dance Podcast:

Shawl Anderson Dance Studio Berkeley, CA:

Breakdancing Community in East Bay:

Ashley Brown: Dancer, Teacher, Yogini:

PolkaDots Traveling School of Dance:

Links on Education: XP Superschool Project:

Sir Ken Robinson: Changing Education Paradigms:

Interesting documentary about American Public Education and the role of Teacher’s Unions that prevent putting children first:

44 minutes: Don Seaver, Kaiser Psychiatrist specializing in addiction Medicine. Who got interested in becoming a doctor when listening to weird stories. Experience in SF Jail system and plays piano, composer, songwriter:

Introduced to Ben, a pediatrician and social entrepreneur focusing on childhood-empowering music, educational gaming, and kid’s health entertainment.

1 hour 11 minutes: Interaction with young female minority student studying Computer Science at Community College interested in transferring to UC Davis then working at Google.



Stanford Podcasts:

Emily Ma, Alphabet’s X, “Just Beyond Crazy is Fabulous”

Similar quote from show, Genius about Albert Einstein, that a crazy idea is an idea that has not been proven to be true…

Masters of Scale:

Note to Self:

Girls who Code:

Needs introductions or interviews with Emily and Raj…