Ideas around admission

Ideas around admission / enrollment to great schools starting in Kindergarten


  1. Requirements – Proof of residency
    1. Lease
    2. Utility Bills
  2. Current Models
    1. Rent
    2. Buy
    3. Alternative models
  3. Family structure
    1. Married
    2. Single
    3. Divorced
    4. Alternative models
  4. How do our current models work for people?
  5. Envisioning a system that breaks these notions.



Sending your child to the best schools

Without the historical financial obligations

Determined by how much you can afford

In the past and current model

People either buy a home

Or Rent in the school district and meet the requirements


When families are smart

And or cannot meet the financial requirements

To meet these requirements to prohibit access

To resources

To education


Let us think outside the box

Here are some examples

  1. People often use a family member’s address
  2. People may use a friends address
  3. People might rent to get into the school district then move after getting in
  4. New ideas related to fulfilling admission and enrollment requirements, but not limited to financial requirements
  5. Restrictions related to current “misconceptions” of ownership and rental models
    1. To own a home in a great school district in the East Bay, the average home price in Albany or Berkeley might be $1M. The average deposit is $200,000. The average mortgage payment on the remaining $800,000 at a 30 year fixed mortgage at 4% interest might be $4K and the property taxes might be around $10K a year. The initial down payment is staggeringly high. In order to qualify for a $800K mortgage a family must have an income to debt ratio in which the mortgage obligation of $4K is 30% of the monthly household income. Therefore a family would need to make $4,000 / 30% = $13K / month. Or an annual income of $160K. This is unrealistic as the average family with two kids is spending approximately $3K after taxes on childcare related expenses / month. If the average health insurance for a family of 4 is approximately $1K / mo. Plus the average monthly food bill is another $1K. $4K Mortgage + $1K Property Taxes + $3K Daycare + $1K Health Insurance + $1K food = $10K in monthly expense without other basic expenses, such as utility, transportation, or miscellaneous expense. Therefore Families making in excess of $10K / month are spending 100% of their income on monthly expenses.
  6. Let us open our minds to the notion of family.
    1. If we were to understand the notion of family as a “chosen” family not one built on marriage or blood. But rather one built on common values and love for each other.
  7. If I consider someone my family and allow them to use my address as their home address for convenience in mailing because they travel a lot. Or I do not care about the conception of ownership based on financial terms and believe that the notion of owning property is steeped in the past relationships of power, oppression, slavery, etc.
  8. If my chosen family would like to pay a resident’s utility bills to meet certain arbitrary requirements to exclude people based on wealth. If a Lease is required then a simple legal agreement that states the terms and conditions in exchange for some benefit. What if I was divorced and my children lived with me once a week or once a month. What if they were not my biological children? Would I need a lease to prove the residency of my biological or non-biological children? Is that considered discrimination based of family origin?
  9. Every experience in my life has led up to this moment. Of clarity of ability or knowledge to blow everything the educational system / business out of the water.
  10. How do you scale this benefit? Community bank accounts where everyone in the chosen family has a shared resource and thus shared account for utilities?
  11. Let us focus not on requirements, but rather on needs and interests of every human being. The need to love, to feel loved. To having meaning and fulfillment in there lives. Stories of others, in a variety of medium, podcast, video, in person are not your story. It can offer a path already taken, inspiration, hope, but it is not your journey. You must walk your own life, alone, but not alone. Even in a relationship you may feel alone. Or both be lonely because your needs are not being met. But who is at fault for one’s own needs not being met, except themselves and not the other. What does support look like? Do you need to conversation or support of like minded individuals or people who are different than you that can compliment your skills and interests with their own to create something greater than the sum of its parts. To create magic. To create a world that has never been imagined or lived.

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